Administration of Institutional/Personal Web Pages


There are more than 200 active institutional web sites of Atilim University's Faculties/Schools/Institutes, Administrative Units and Research Centers which are hosted on sub-domains of the domain name of


Besides, our Students and Administrative/Academic Staff can publish their personal web sites on the domains of  and www., in the format of<LDAP_kullanıcı _adı>/. There are more than 300 web sites at our University, which are published in this way.


Student communities web sites are hosted on independent www domains, instead of the domain name of


Atilim University's Rector is authorized of permitting activation and de-activation of the sub-domains which are defined on the domain name of Therefore, an official paper should be issued by the Rector's Office so that a sub-domain of will be activated or de-activated.


Directorate of ICT has launched the CMS (Content Management System) Project, so that the content management of hundreds of Atilim University's corporate web pages can be fulfilled in accordance with corporate standards, by assigned web administrators, via easy-to-use admin panels. The Project entails an officially assigned Web Administrator of each corporate site which is to be published on domain. This Web Administrator is responsible of the following issues;



  • Acquiring the official approval paper from the Rector's Office for the sub-domain and, if exists the e-mail address,
  • Confirming the web design template,
  • Preparing content data of the web site, both in Turkish and English languages
  • Managing the web page via the Admin Panel which has been prepared for the Directorate of ICT