Administration of IT Help Desk


Atılım University IT Help Desk, has been at the service of our Students and Administrative/Academic staff since July 5th 2012.


The essence of IT Help Desk Methodology is to constitute a centralized single-point-of-contact, to which the end-users apply, to report IT incidents and requests. Atılım University-IT Help Desk has been developed and launched to the service of the end-users by the Technical Specialists of Directorate of ICT, regarding to ITIL© (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principles. Daily operations of the IT Help Desk Atılım are also being conduct by the Technical Support Specialists of Directorate of ICT.


The cardinal reasons for constructing the IT Help Desk Methodology are;


  • Need for centralizing the daily communication traffic between end-users and IT specialists in a single-point-of-contact;
  • Need for a formal method of registering, labeling, prioritizing and processing by an official body for the reported service incidents and requests;
  • Need for a systematic monitoring and reporting mechanism for quality assurance, for the reported service incidents and requests;
  • Need for utilizing optimum resources to resolve the reported service incidents and requests (by using first-line and second-line support levels,  high-level expertise efforts are employed only when it is necessary);
  • Need for keeping the end-users up-to-date during the progress of teh resolution period.


The aimed service qualities by using IT Help Desk Methodology are;


  • User-oriented technology services,
  • Harmony with all business units in the organization,
  • An organization which transfers and shares the information,
  • Technology services with measurable and improvable quality,
  • Scalable technology services.


Please access Atılım University IT Help Desk via;


  1. Web:
  2. E-mail:
  3. Phone: 8484
  4. In person: Atılım University Directorate of ICT, Library Building



Atılım University IT Help Desk is on duty five days a week, from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM (on duty during lunch breaks).




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